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A Noose of light – Memories 1940-2015

When I got to 73 years of age, I felt serenely aware that I would soon no longer be here to tell my story, so I decided to write it down and thereby leave a record of my life adventure behind me when I depart. With an early childhood spent on the outskirts of the London Blitz, and Beatnik wanderings in the 1950s, and hashish-aided esoteric explorations in Notting Hill, and residency in a West London Gurdjieff community, followed by a 20-year association with Idries Shah and his Sufi project, I think the story might be valued by those interested in the Western spiritual development upsurge of the 60s and 70s. And it also goes on to encompass travels in Andalusia and Morocco, lucid dreaming explorations in Hawaii, and the battle to create an Australian schizophrenia research institute. So I dare say there’s something in it for everyone. I hope you enjoy it.

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